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UZABASE is looking to strengthen its research service team for the SPEEDA Asia business.

■ Vision of the Overseas Consulting Service Team

The mission of UZABASE is “Business Intelligence to Change Your World”. As a part of this mission, our Consulting Research Team researches and provides the information that forms the base for the decision making of our customers.

Customers in business firms, financial institutions, and consulting firms that engage in business operations overseas face issues that are specific to the regions that they operate in. We aim to resolve these issues by conducting surveys, analyses, and reporting.

■ Supporting the Local Businesses of Customers Through Intelligence Amidst Continuously Changing Markets

Since its beginning in 2014, the SPEEDA Asia enterprise has steadily expanded its business foundation by offering solutions to the issues that customers face, with markets in Southeast Asia and Greater China, which are making a sudden rise to prominence, as its stage.

Asia as a whole is a market that experiences hectic changes in the business environment, with competition intensifying day-by-day. Numerous players in Asia are constantly looking for new business opportunities for the future.

Amidst these trends, SPEEDA functions as a database that offers customers one-stop services for a wide range of information on industries and companies, and our Consulting Service Team offers further high-value-added information that is not covered in SPEEDA through conducting surveys and analyses on industries and companies alike.

Our Consulting Service Team has been engaged in supporting our customers with the information that they value most across various business areas, such as surveys on niche markets, research on the issues and growth potential surrounding new business entries, and profiling prospective companies for investment or partnerships.

In addition to the SPEEDA platform, the Consulting Service Team will continue to conduct surveys and analyses in order to provide high-value-added solutions to the wide range of issues that our customers face.

■ Job Description

In order to respond to the issues that our customers face in local areas overseas, the SPEEDA Consultant will conduct surveys on industries and companies within Asia, particularly Greater China, as well as organise and provide information that is both based on analysis and highly insightful.

The demands of professional firms like financial institutions and consulting firms, as well as the needs of the customers of major business firms require surveys and analyses that are specialised and based on a deep understanding of particular subject matter.

Our current team is made up of professionals that have the ability to produce high-quality output, and new members must master the appropriate skills for the whole team to deliver services to customers that exceed their expectations.

<Examples of Specific Job Duties>

- Understanding the needs and demands of clients, and reporting back to clients with objectives, survey scopes, and schedules that meet their requests.

- Understanding business environments and actively proposing suggestions for new surveys through establishing reliable relationships by responding to the clients that you manage.

- Collaborating with the assigned sales team members in acquiring new clients and drafting proposals individually to accomplish that task, as well as offering advice to the sales team members on the timing of proposals and sales plans.

- Create plans for progressing product and content development based on an understanding of customer needs and requests, as well as facts that help determine priority levels.

- Establishing and implementing plans that accelerate customer contact points that are linked with sales, marketing, and development.

■ Organisational Structure

- The SPEEDA Asia Consulting Service Team currently consists of 7 team members, including 1 manager, but the team size will be expanded together with an increase in the number of business opportunities.

- The company’s overall structure is flat, with only one executive member overseeing the Consulting Service Team; as such, the team is close to the management, enabling open and frank discussion, thus leading to continuous improvement.

■ Value, Culture, and Characteristics

- Our company is one where freedom and responsibility are inseparable, and has high moral value with all members working autonomously as professionals.

- Individual will, career ambitions, and work styles are highly respected, and all members speak openly and share a strong awareness of growing together, both with each other and the company.

- Our company is a collection of people from various backgrounds with a myriad of preferences and strengths, enabling one to always find what must be learned and providing a stimulating environment.

- All of our members create a welcoming atmosphere, and raise their own issues and counter-proposals without hesitation; there is a strong sense of taking actions independently.


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