Software Engineer

Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka


As an engineer for SPEEDA Asia, you will be working closely with our business-side teams in Colombo and Singapore, and developing SPEEDA using Java, MySQL, and Elasticsearch to create value for our customers in Greater China and ASEAN. Also, you will be streamlining internal business processes by using technology.

Because SPEEDA Asia is a still burgeoning part of our SPEEDA business, this position offers the unique opportunity to be a part of the start-up experience and putting your fine programming skills to good use.

Right now we are looking for experienced engineers who will help build the product development team in Colombo. This is an exciting opportunity to join the process of forming a team that will develop SPEEDA Asia.

Your career is what you make of it; you can choose to be on the front-line in leading the development of new products, or you may prefer instead to expand your technical prowess and leadership as SPEEDA continues to expand its business.


*Training for new members is planned in the Singapore or Tokyo office for 4 months.



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