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"Business Intelligence to Changes Your World"

While the B2C world has seen companies like Google and Facebook realise efficient access to information, gathering information in the B2B world had remained inefficient, as businesspeople were required to access corporate data from financial information services, statistical data from government offices, financial data from respective company sites, and so on.

In order to realise efficient access to information in the B2B world, UZABASE was established in 2008 with the mission "Business Intelligence to Change Your World".

As an economic information platform provider, UZABASE develops multiple services for establishing an economic information infrastructure that supports the day-to-day decision-making of businesspeople around the world.

■ SPEEDA Asia - Global Consulting Service Team Vision

"Supporting the local businesses of our customers by utilising business intelligence in an ever-changing market." This is the vision of our SPEEDA Asia Consulting Service Team.

Research enables us to provide information to our customers that forms the basis of their decision-making in business. By conducting surveys, analyses, and reporting, we aim to solve unique problems faced by our clients, including business corporations, financial institutions, and professional firms, when they do business overseas.

The SPEEDA Asia business was launched in 2014, and has steadily expanded its business foundation in the region by responding to challenges faced by customers in the emerging markets of China and Southeast Asia.

In Asia's rapidly changing business environment, where competition is intensifying day by day, many industry players are continuously searching for future business opportunities. Amidst such conditions, SPEEDA provides a database with a wide range of industry and company information as a one-stop service, and the Consulting Service Team delivers high value-added information by investigating and analysing industry and company information that is not yet covered by SPEEDA.

■ Description of Work

In order to respond to the challenges that our customers face in local markets, we research industries and companies in Asia, especially in Greater China, as well as organise and provide information based on analysis.

Responding to requests from professional firms like financial institutions and consulting firms, and the needs of customers like major business corporations requires research and analysis based on professional and in-depth understanding.

Our team is made up of professionals who produce high-quality output, and our team goal is to deliver services that surpass customers' expectations by having new members acquire such skills as well.


  • Understand customer needs and requests, and report on action plans, research scopes, and research schedules in response to those requests
  • Conduct research on macroeconomic environments, industries, and companies in the Chinese market and create reports according to customer requests
  • Understand the business environment by building a relationship based on trust and actively propose new research projects through communication with customers
  • Engage in acquiring new customers by both working together with sales team members and creating proposals individually, while advising sales team members on proposal timelines and sales policies
  • Propose policies for product and content development based on important facts by understanding the requests and needs of customers
  • Draft and execute plans for accelerating customer contact in coordination with sales, marketing, and development team members

■ Organisational Structure

  • The SPEEDA Asia Consulting Service Team consists of nine members (one manager and eight team members)
  • Highly flat organisation with only the executive officer in charge of the overall operations; open discussions, as well as polite recommendations and actions for improvement are made alongside management members

■ Company Motivations, Culture, and Characteristics

  • An organisation in which freedom and responsibility are inextricably linked, with a high sense of ethics, where all members are self-motivated professionals
  • Respect for individual will, career aspirations, and working style; all members communicate openly, and are strongly aware of the growth aspirations of other members and the company overall
  • A team with diverse backgrounds, as well as diverse opinions and strengths, who have a sense of what must be learned and find inspiration from that
  • Everyone is welcome, with anticipation and praise for those who can share their own ideas, raise issues, and suggest alternatives proactively and without hesitation


Minimum Qualifications

  • Business-level Japanese; ability to conduct reporting in Japanese
  • Native-level Chinese; ability to read and write Chinese as required for business-level communication
  • Experience in research and reporting, regardless of field
  • Ability to work overseas (planned: Shanghai)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in research work on a specific industry or company at a financial institution, professional firm, or the planning department of a business corporation
  • Experience writing materials and reporting in Japanese on a daily basis

What we're looking for in a candidate

  • Someone who can relate to UZABASE's mission and 7 Values
  • Someone who has a strong desire for growth, and can develop action plans and complete necessary actions independently
  • Someone who has a strong sense of responsibility in the area that they are assigned to and can handle difficult issues with persistence
  • Someone with a strong sense of individual responsibility for tasks and who can think about what they can do for achieving overall team goals
  • Someone who can communicate openly with a positive mindset, and act with flexibility in a flat organisation
  • Someone who has a particular area of strength, can lead other team members in that area, and recognise and follow the leadership of other members in other areas


You will be employed by Uzabase China Limited (Shanghai office).

  • Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience
  • Compensation for transportation expenses provided
  • Child allowance available
  • Complete social insurance coverage
  • Paid leave (starting at 10 days)

*For new employees who join in the middle of the year between 1 January and 31 December, the number of paid-leave days will be allotted based on the number of days employed (applicable to the first year only)

  • Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays off
  • Long Vacation System: An additional 7 days of paid vacation (consecutive, including weekends) provided twice a year
  • Work PC provided by the company (any PC preferred by the employee within the budget)

Benefits and Perks of UZABASE - "UB Care"

*Some benefits apply only to the UZABASE Tokyo office

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